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The Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation

About Us


The CCISF is a charitable organization dedicated to the mitigation of disabling stress and the fight against  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for Emergency Personnel and to supporting families impacted by these careers.

For more information: WWW.CCISF.INFO

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide an environment of encouragement and support for children and families of Emergency Services. Our focus is to provide opportunities for growth, relationships, leadership and development through education, conversation, activity and creative support.  We believe children are our future and the CCISF strives to provide the best possible tools for their guardians to assist in their development and growth.

Our Vision

Our vision is that every Emergency Service Family in Canada have access to ongoing quality support and mental wellness.

Our Future

Our future hope is that all Emergency Services across Canada have the support they need to maintain happy and healthy families.

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